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Electric boilers

A great tool for your energy management.


Together with OSH and BKC, we are supplier of Värmebaronen electric boilers for the horticulture industry. The E-boiler makes for a great tool in energymanagement. With the increasing fluctuations in the power grid due to solar- and windpower, the E-boiler is the solution for actually using the surplus in energy in an extremely reliable and efficient way.


Reliable and efficient

Since the E-boiler has no large moving parts or bearings, it  requires little to no maintenance making it extremely reliable. The heating coils inside the pressure vessel will transfer effectively 100% of their heat energy to the water for high efficiency. 


Basic specifications:

  • Capacity ranges from 15kw until 1500kW​​

  • Higher capacity is possible through cascading

  • 400V, 690V and 900V

  • Power is switched in 7, 15 or 30 steps

  • 0-100% power possible in 6 seconds

  • Multiple connection possibilities including 0-10V, 4-20mA, BACNet and Modbus

Manual & Installation instructions  EP31-300


Manual & Installation instructions  EP450-750

Manual & Installation instructions  EP900-1400

Information leaflet


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