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NOW available with asme certification and registration


A condensating heat exchanger or economizer is attached to the smokebox at the end of the boiler cycle. The fluegases at this stage are at approximately 180°C. Depending on the water temperature through the condenser it can be decreased to +/- 60°C. This process ensures safe distribution of CO₂ as fertilizer in the greenhouse and optimisation of gas consumption.


A condensating heat exchanger extracts every last bit of heat energy from the fluegases, ensuring a low gas consumption.

Complete package

The condenser's watersided connections can be placed on either side to fit your demands. Additionally, every TK-Topcondenser can be supplied with condenser safetyset, fluegas stackflange, condensation reservoir and counterflanges.


The TK-Topcondenser is fabricated from COR-TEN steel. This alloy distinguishes itself through its corrosive resistant properties(COR) and high tensile strength(TEN). The fins of the heat exchanging tubes are made of aluminum for high heat transfer and durable operation. 


Transition to oil as temporary fuel is made very easy with a special fume valve and bypass area. This will keep the heat exchanging parts of the condenser clean for transition back to gas.

Condenser manual for installation and maintencance EN


Condenser specification sheet EN

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