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At TK-Topboiler we offer hot water- and low-pressure steam boilers, with or without condenser, for horticulture and industry. Since 2004, our boilers are manufactured by HKB boiler solutions in Venlo. Our boilers are built to stringent quality standards in three large production plants. Due to the latest technology TK-Topboiler can guarantee unparalleled precision and reliability.

welded fluegas tubes

All fluegas tubes are welded to the tube plates, resulting in a strong, durable bond. 

A water-cooled door chamber decreases the amount of vibrations from the flue gases, ensuring a more quiet and reliable operation. For a more visual representation of this concept, please find the following PDF

water-cooled chamber

Vertical position

Required for flat position welding, creating an even and reliable weld.

Manufacturing of TK-Topboilers is done with industrial precision using plasmacutters. Every boiler is then pressure tested for 30 minutes at 4 Bar(+/- 30 psi) for a factor safety rating of 2.0.


Factory Plasma cutting

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